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British Columbia dims the prospects of 75W and 100W incandescents

New standards for energy-efficient alternatives to 75W and 100W incandescent light bulbs came into force in The Pacific Province January 1, 2011. BC retailers can continue to carry the incandescent 75W and 100W bulbs until their stock runs out. Other wattages will remain available to stock on shelves.

January 5, 2011  By  Anthony Capkun

These standards lead up to the federal government’s national light bulb efficiency standards, says the province, which will apply to most wattage levels sold across the country in 2012. Several speciality products are exempted from the BC and federal standards.

BC says it leads the country in the adoption of energy-efficient lighting alternatives, such as compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), supporting “aggressive energy conservation targets” under the Clean Energy Act (66% of BC Hydro’s incremental electricity needs must be met through efficiency and conservation by 2020).

BC Hydro’s PowerSmart and FortisBC’s PowerSense have invested about $40 million over the past few years, says the government, to ensure efficient products are available throughout BC.


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