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Dialog stand-alone room controller from Douglas

June 17, 2015 - Douglas Lighting Controls’ new Dialog room controller is a stand-alone lighting control device for offices, classrooms and defined spaces.

June 17, 2015
By Renée Francoeur

Eliminating wiring complications was addressed by providing colour-coded wires and matching labels, inserting quick-connect low-voltage terminal blocks, and adding on-board wiring instructions, explains the company. The device has four relays, four independent 0-10V dimming channels, and an optional two-relay expansion pack that is UL924 certified for controlling emergency lighting.

For added functionality, the Dialog room controller can connect to a Dialog network or an independent energy management system via BACnet IP. Dialog is offered as a kit that includes a controller, occupancy sensors, switch stations and daylight sensors. The kits are designed for specific room scenarios and spaces, and are delivered with Plug’n Control capability right out of the box.