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EcoDog FIDO Solar Energy Watchdog


EcoDog says it has added the industry's most advanced solar power monitoring capabilities to its FIDO product line, based on input from solar integrators seeking to provide more comprehensive information about energy use and real world savings to their customers.

The FIDO Solar Energy Watchdog gives homeowners a room-by-room graphic overview of their energy use complete with real-time rate information, personalized saving tips based on individual usage patterns, and user-defined text notifications. The system's new energy generation monitoring capabilities offer the same level of detail for any type of alternative energy input including solar, wind and even emergency generators. These features, says EcoDog, enable comprehensive in-home net metering that displays alternative energy input from multiple sources, compares energy generation versus consumption in real time and calculates savings in both dollars and kilowatt-hours.

“In our pilot release programs, EcoDog FIDO systems have proven to be so useful at helping homeowners improve their residential energy efficiency, we started receiving requests from solar power distributors who wanted to help their customers maximize the return on their alternative energy investments,” said Ron Pitt, EcoDog CEO.

“By adding solar monitoring features to FIDO, we believe that we now offer the only alternative energy monitoring system with this level of granularity that also records actual dollars saved while providing a live dashboard of energy generated."

The system consists of a software package along with hardware interface modules for the breaker panel and computer. EcoDog says typical FIDO users can expect to save 15%-25% or more on their home electric bills; however, the system can also be used to identify “energy hogs” in the home as well as looming peak energy use charges that will enable significantly greater savings.

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May 4, 2010  By  Craig Pearson

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