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Eneref Institute wants solar water heating case studies… for the press

March 22, 2012 - Eneref Institute, a research and advocacy organization, has just launched its Solar Thermal Advantage initiative, which is designed to promote the benefits of solar heating and cooling. The initiative begins with a search for opportunities to offer turnkey articles to the press (like Energy Manager) that demonstrate successful solar heating case studies.

March 22, 2012  By  Anthony Capkun

Eneref’s initial efforts will focus on effective solar heating and cooling stories from a variety of manufacturers and installers, including: Caleffi, AET, Skyline Innovations, Sunnovations and SunEarth, as well as the Solar Energy Industry Association and the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials.

“Many of the editors we’re speaking with are new to solar heating technology or how it differs from PV… from solar photovoltaic,” explains Eneref’s managing director, Seth Warren Rose. “We’re working on educating the public about the benefits of solar hot water and the enormous potential it holds to reduce heating energy costs.”

Solar heating and cooling technologies collect the thermal energy from the sun and use this heat to provide hot water, space heating cooling and pool heating for residential, commercial and industrial applications. These technologies displace the need to use electricity or natural gas.

Eneref’s initiative begins by developing case studies about low-cost solar heating systems installed on single- and multi-family housing, as well as on commercial facilities, including university buildings, health clubs, hospitality, military, municipal buildings and restaurants. Stories in the industrial process market will demonstrate how solar hot water reduces energy use in breweries, livestock, laundry and healthcare industries. Solar heating installers and manufacturers are invited to submit their successful case studies ONLINE.


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