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Fluke 9640A-LPN Reference Source

Fluke Electronics Canada announces the new Fluke 9640A-LPN (low phase noise) RF Reference Source, a higher-performance synthesizer designed to simplify RF calibration and improve calibration lab productivity for even more demanding workload coverage.

March 31, 2008  By Energy Management

The Fluke 9640A-LPN Reference Source joins the Fluke 9640A in delivering level precision, dynamic range and frequency capability in a single instrument. They can be used to calibrate a broad range of RF test equipment including spectrum analyzers, modulation meters and analyzers, RF power meters and sensors, measurement receivers, frequency counters and attenuators.

The phase noise specification of the Fluke 9640A-LPN is designed around maintaining adequate calibration margin capable of verifying the most demanding spectrum analyzers, including the Agilent PSA series and Rohde & Schwarz FSU Series. Previous systems typically used two or more signal generators to cover close-in and far-out measurements, or simply didn’t have the necessary test accuracy ratio. Now calibration labs get the performance they need with a single Fluke 9640A-LPN.

Designed to simplify calibration lab applications, the Fluke 9640A features dedicated function keys, context-sensitive softkeys and a bright color display. Users can set a level or frequency step size and deviate the output to match specified target values while displaying the calculated UUT error for calibration certificate documentation.

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