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Free firmware upgrade for Fluke 8845A/8846A

Fluke Corporation has announced a user-downloadable firmware upgrade for the Fluke 8845A/8846A Precision Digital Multimeters that delivers even more functionality and value from these powerful instruments.
The Fluke 8845A and 8846A 6.5 Digital Precision Multimeters have the precision and versatility to handle the most demanding measurements, on the bench or in a system. These meters are both high performance and feature rich, yet also remarkably easy to use. Now users can get even more value from their 8845A and 8846A Precision Digital Multimeters by downloading and installing the newest Fluke firmware upgrade. The upgrade delivers:
Measurement enhancements

  • Increased V dc reading rate to 1,000 readings per second, for improved measurement throughput in an ATE system
  • Increased milliamp input range to 400 mA to cover a wider range of measurements through a single input
  • DCV:DCV ratio, making it possible to do relative comparisons of two dc voltage test points.  This is useful for determining the voltage balance between two differential circuits, operation amplifier comparator inputs, and voltage dividers.
New features and functions
  • Added I dc and V dc dual measurement, making it easy to calculate power dissipation and simplifying battery power management testing in portable devices.
  • Create and store power-up instrument configuration, so you can configure your meter once and keep the setup, even if power is turned off or lost.
  • 8842A command emulation – users can easily replace an old Fluke 8842A meter.
The Fluke 8845A/8846A firmware upgrade can be downloaded from the Fluke website at The download page includes instructions in a readme.txt file which should be read before downloading the firmware. The firmware upgrade is free, through the process of upgrading the firmware may require the unit to be recalibrated, at additional cost. In case of questions or problems, users should contact their local Fluke representative.
For more information on the Fluke 8845A/8846A Precision Digital Multimeters, or to find the location of the nearest distributor, visit

January 20, 2009  By Energy Management

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