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Johnson Controls incorporates Azure Digital Twins into OpenBlue

December 30, 2020  By  Anthony Capkun

December 30, 2020 – Johnson Controls and Microsoft Corp. announced they are collaborating to “digitally transform how buildings and spaces are conceived, built and managed”.

Microsoft’s Azure Digital Twins is the newest Azure platform service integrated into Johnson Controls’ OpenBlue platform that aims to “enable the creation of next-generation IoT connected solutions that will model the real world”.

“Digital twins are playing an increasingly important role in the design, construction and ongoing operation of healthy buildings and spaces, and can be particularly valuable when analyzing large datasets and predicting patterns and trends to tell our customers things they don’t yet know,” said Mike Ellis, Johnson Controls.

Digital twins are digital replicas of physical entities capable of providing an in-depth analysis of data and the potential to monitor systems to mitigate risks, manage issues and employ simulations to test future solutions.


Working with Microsoft, Johnson Controls aims to address how people can return to work to maximize space while operating facilities safely, including:

• Energy optimization
• Access control and safety
• Collaboration tools for facility managers
• Workspace optimization

Johnson Controls says these digital models empower property managers with actionable insights that drive better products, optimize operations, reduce costs and create breakthrough customer experiences.

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