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Nirvana Heat Pump claims heat pumps offer energy efficiency, comfort and peace of mind

March 17, 2011

With warmer weather hopefully around the corner, Nirvana Heat Pump claims its pool heat pumps, made entirely in Quebec, will facilitate maximum swimming comfort, while significantly reducing the energy consumption costs associated with heating a pool. “It transforms ambient energy, generating a coefficient of performance (COP) which offers a 600% increase in performance power compared to traditional heat pumps,” it said. Selected among the Top 100 best products at the Salon Piscine 2010 in Lyon, France, the pump features a double titanium coil, noise pollution cover to suppress sound, an intelligent electric defroster to use during cooler periods, and “easy-to-use” electronic controls.  

March 17, 2011  By  Alyssa Dalton





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