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Schindler installs PORT elevator technology at Hyatt Regency New Orleans

January 26, 2012 - After being shuttered for more than six years following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, Hyatt Regency New Orleans has reopened its doors, thanks to its $275 million redesign and revitalization.

January 26, 2012  By  Alyssa Dalton

The hotel has been doubled to 200,000 sf. and features Schindler Elevator’s PORT (Personal Occupant Requirement Terminal) technology to help move guests through the building’s 32 floors faster and more efficiently, said the Hyatt. PORT’s energy-saving features:

• Each PORT terminal’s proximity sensor tells it when to be active and at all other times puts it into low energy consumption mode.
• When the terminal screen illuminates, a light sensor determines only the brightness level required, optimizing energy usage.
• Through its PORT destination-dispatch system, the technology helps ensure elevator trips produce a resourceful use of energy even during heavy traffic.

PORT’s destination-dispatch system has been installed at eight high-rise passenger elevators at the hotel, where each guest’s room key is programmed automatically upon check-in to provide customized elevator access. When guests swipe their room key at the PORT device, an elevator is automatically called to take them to the hotel floor where they will be staying. Due to the PORT system’s advanced access control, guests receive customized mobility throughout the hotel from the moment they first reach the elevator bank.

“The PORT Technology makes possible a truly networked environment at Hyatt Regency New Orleans that recognizes occupants and responds to their individual needs,” said Michael Landis, VP, marketing for Schindler. “What makes the system special is the ease with which the hotel’s managers can design applications to accommodate a wide range of needs in real time. Whether it’s helping to meet new energy-efficiency goals, updating security, scheduling maintenance or adapting to people with special needs, unprecedented levels of customization can be achieved.”


“The revitalized Hyatt Regency New Orleans offers guests the latest in technology and the new PORT Technology represents the advances that we have made to provide our guests with an optimal experience,” added Michael Smith, general manager, Hyatt Regency New Orleans. “This system is innovative and efficient which are both key in providing great customer service.”

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