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Scott Rouse and Glen MacDougall recognized by Energy Manager of the Year awards program

October 16, 2023  By  Anthony Capkun

October 16, 2023 – For nearly two decades, Energy Manager Canada has been laser-focused on publishing news and information on one thing: proactive energy management.

“We felt it was high time to have a national awards program celebrating the important work being done by those responsible for proactive energy management across various organizations, across the country,” says Energy Manager Canada’s editor-publisher, Anthony Capkun.

With the support of our valued sponsor, ABB, Energy Manager Canada launched the inaugural Energy Manager of the Year awards program in 2023 to recognize the often unsung professionals who combat rising energy costs and, increasingly, emissions.

The results are in, and Energy Manager Canada is pleased to announce the following:

Energy Manager of the Year (2023)

Congratulations to Scott Rouse—managing partner, Energy@Work Inc.—who has been declared Energy Manager of the Year.

“I am extremely pleased with the selection of Scott Rouse as our inaugural Energy Manager of the Year,” says Capkun. “Through a passion and dedication that spans decades, Scott serves as an example to everyone of the valuable expertise and insights provided by an expert in proactive energy management.”

Rouse is a veteran of the energy efficiency scene. He developed Ontario Hydro’s in-house Energy Efficiency group, which went on to win the Canadian and U.S. EPA awards for energy efficiency results and GHG reductions.

In 2003, he founded Energy@Work to help clients achieve similar, sustainable results. Originally focused on improving their “Triple bottom line: Economic Prosperity, Environmental Performance, and Social Responsibility”, the focus has evolved to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

Perhaps Rouse’s pièce de résistance is the Energy Management Action Plan (E-MAP), which was developed (and evolved) as a comprehensive approach to reducing energy use and emissions without compromising safety, tenant comfort, or equipment reliability.


Honourable Mention (2023)

Congratulations to Glen MacDougall—onsite energy manager with Efficiency Nova Scotia—who has been awarded Honourable Mention.

“Glen truly embodies our maxim: proactive energy management is not a title, but a vocation,” says Capkun. “In his first year alone, Glen logged 40,000 kilometres performing site visits. That speaks to both Glen’s passion for energy efficiency and proactive energy management, and keen interest from the industry he serves.”

Since starting with Efficiency Nova Scotia back in April 2021, MacDougall completed 447 visits to seafood processing plants across the province to complete technical audits, identify and recommend updates, and oversee improvements. Those technology and efficiency upgrades have helped companies reduce GHG emissions by 5200 metric tonnes over the last two years, and save about $750,000 in energy costs.


Energy Manager of the Year awards criteria

Nominations can involve an energy manager or energy management team; an individual or team responsible for proactive energy management in an organization; or a third third-party energy management consultant (including utility advisors).

When assessing entries, Energy Manager Canada focused on how proactive energy management measures undertaken by the nominee(s) deliver beneficial, measurable results to an organization(s).

Energy Manager Canada will open the call for nominations again next year for the 2024 edition of the Energy Manager of the Year awards.

“As in 2023, we will keep the Nomination form as simple as possible to make it easy for everyone to nominate a deserving energy and/or emissions management champion,” Capkun says. “Visit and sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on LinkedIn—where we are part of the Electrical Business Network—to stay informed about proactive energy management across Canada, and to be alerted when we again open the call for nominations.”

About Energy Manager Canada

For nearly two decades, Energy Manager Canada has been publishing news and information on proactive energy management. Earlier this year, we hosted the virtual RETScreen World Conference, which attracted registrants from 63 countries around the world. In Summer 2023, we launched the national Energy Manager of the Year awards program to recognize the often unsung professionals who combat rising energy costs—and, increasingly, emissions—in their organizations through proactive energy management. Visit

About ABB

ABB is the proud sponsor of this year’s awards program. With its diversity of products, solutions and advanced technologies, ABB is taking a leap forward in smart home, smart building and intelligent communities by providing real-time information; reducing carbon footprint; helping to make better data-driven decisions; curbing energy costs with intelligent control systems; and increasing safety, security and comfort to foster a better quality of life. Visit ABB Buildings and Living Solutions.

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