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SCTE spotlights data center powering efficiency

Cable system operators can significantly and immediately impact their bottom lines by deploying solutions that can reduce data centre power needs and increase energy efficiency, according to a presentation at the Smart Energy Management Initiative (SEMI) forum held on November 17th by the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE).

November 23, 2010  By  Craig Pearson

At the day-long event at Time Warner Cable facilities in Herndon, VA, IBM Chief Energy Management Engineer Todd Rosedahl explained how server-based advanced energy-management technologies can reduce power consumption and maximize system performance per watt. Rosedahl outlined how efficiencies can be achieved through such techniques as putting processors to “sleep”, lowering processor voltage and frequency, and boosting performance under heavy utilization.

“Data centre powering needs are impacted by a wide variety of factors, most notably environmental conditions and the peaks and spikes of consumer demand,” said Rosedahl. “It’s been IBM’s experience that the implementation of energy management solutions such as IBM’s POWER7 system can markedly reduce energy consumption by reducing processor speed by up to 50% in slow periods, and increasing speed by up to 10% in periods of heavy utilization.”

The IBM presentation was one of a dozen sessions during the day-long conference at Time Warner Cable. Highlights included a presentation on learnings from SCTE’s photovoltaic powering system by Derek DiGiacomo of SCTE and an update on the activities of the SCTE Sustainability Management Subcommittee by Dan Cooper, SMS Chairman and Senior Director of Technical Operations for Time Warner Cable. In addition, technical presentations were given by 4CableTV (Line Power Reduction); Alpha Technologies (Power Planning Strategy); Aurora Networks (Deep Fiber); CableLabs (Smart Grid); Comcast (Comcast Data Center); CommScope/Andrew Solutions (Controlling Hub Site Performance); Motorola (Deep Fiber); and Networkfleet (Fleet Management).

SCTE will convene the next SEMI Forum in the Spring of 2011.


“One of the most important points that our SEMI forums are driving home is the wide variety of ways that cable system operators can implement strategies that directly impact the bottom line,” said Mark Dzuban, President and CEO of SCTE. “Through the leadership of individuals like Dan Cooper, the generosity of Time Warner Cable, and the shared expertise of our presenters, we were able yesterday to increase awareness of new options that exist for greater efficiency in every area of cable network operations.”

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