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The government of the Northwest Territories releases May 2011 energy report

June 6, 2011 - The Ministerial Energy Coordinating Committee (MECC) of the government of the Northwest Territories (NWT) has released its energy report, with highlights including: opportunities to develop alternative energy sources, reducing the high cost of energy in the territory and an overview of the government’s energy projects and programs.

June 6, 2011  By  Alyssa Dalton


“Early in the mandate of the 16th Legislative Assembly, our government made an unprecedented $60 million commitment to address energy issues in the NWT,” said minister Bob McLeod, chair of the MECC.

“The NWT leads the country in the installation of commercial wood pellet boilers, we have invested millions of dollars in energy conservation and efficiency programs, and we continue our efforts to develop local sources of energy supply for communities,” he continued.

The report features information regarding different initiatives outlined in the NWT Energy Plan (2007), the NWT Greenhouse Gas Strategy (2007), and the Energy Priorities Framework released by the MECC in 2008. Also included in the report is an environmental scan of energy resources, development, and use in the NWT, as well as details on territorial investment in energy programs and initiatives.


The government said it plans to maintain an environment that will sustain present and future generation–a key goal of the 16th Assembly–by reducing imported fossil fuels and mitigating the environmental impacts of energy use.

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