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Three Watt LED MR16 bulbs

LEDtronics introduces an addition to its line of drop-in replacement MR16-styled LED bulbs: high-powered Three Watt LED MR16 bulbs. These new 3Watt MR16 LED bulbs have two big advantages over other MR16 LED bulbs. First, they are engineered to handle the variations in voltages that may accompany "noisy" or "dirty" AC or DC power supplies, eliminating potential burnout from incoming voltage that is higher than the lamp's capacity. Second, the new 3 Watt MR16 bulbs eliminate the need to stock a variety of LED MR16 bulbs to coordinate with different voltages that power supplies of 12 Volt AC/DC - 24 Volt DC may present, simplifying procurement and inventory procedures. 

February 25, 2008  By Energy Management

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