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UE Systems new Ultraprobe 3,000


March 31, 2008  By Energy Management

The Ultraprobe 3,000 ultrasonic detection system is a versatile inspection instrument for cutting energy waste and improving uptime while saving money, and improving the environment.

According to its manufacturer, UE Systems of Elmsford, NY, the Ultraprobe 3000 has been designed to promote quick, easy surveys with accurate results. The 3000 has also been labeled a “green” instrument for its ability to accurately detect energy waste, helping to reduce a plant’s carbon footprint. Understanding the importance of energy efficient plant operations, UE Systems is confident the 3000 will significantly impact energy conservation by locating compressed air and steam trap leaks as well as faulty steam traps, which can lead to millions of dollars in plant savings this year.

This digital instrument, which is fully equipped with a wide, dynamic sensitivity range and “spin and click” sensitivity dial, has a 16 segment bar graphic display panel that showcases sensitivity level, storage location, storage location number, and battery level. It also offers 400 memory locations to hold all of the operator’s text data. Other features include scanning and stethoscope (contact) modules, noise-isolating headphones, calibrated decibel readout, rubber focusing probe, and a storage entry area.

Optional accessories including a long range module to double leak detection distance, HTS holster set, and a RAS-MT magnetically mounted transducer and cable recharger kit allow operator’s to extend the probe in hard to reach areas – with one button to control everything.


For further information on the Ultraprobe 3000 and its exact specifications, you can visit UE Systems website at

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