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Utilismart joins Green Button Alliance to expand energy data interoperability

October 20, 2021  By  Anthony Capkun

October 20, 2021 – Utilismart Corp.—a Canadian meter data management and utility analytics software company—has joined the Green Button Alliance to support its efforts to make energy data interoperable.

“As more Canadian utilities provide customer usage data in the standardized Green Button format, the market for applications that help commercial, residential, industrial, and municipal users understand their resource consumption greatly expands,” said Jeremy J. Roberts, Green Button Alliance.

The Green Button Connect My Data (CMD) energy data access and sharing method enables utilities to provide digital access to reliable, standards-based energy data while protecting customer privacy, says Utilismart. It allows customers to authorize third-party apps and services to securely obtain their data and glean insights into energy and water usage.

Green Button Alliance members include utilities, government departments and agencies, solution providers, and affiliate organizations. They collaborate to advance the Green Button initiative “to enable consumers to access and share their energy, water, and natural gas usage data, with the goal of better managing their consumption”.


Users with access to their meter data can derive a host of benefits, says Utilismart, including:

• The ability to analyze daily, monthly and yearly usage data, leading to actionable insights for saving energy and money.

• Owners can control their energy consumption and become more active participants within the energy sector.

• Users can identify cost savings by changing behaviour, utilizing renewable energy resources and battery storage, or switching rate plans based on their historical usage patterns.

• Property investors can pre-screen homes and buildings to determine potential energy savings.

“Data-driven decisions are what fuels our business and product roadmaps,” said Utilismart’s Miro Karlicic. “Now, by leveraging the Green Button energy data interchange standard, we will be able to go a step further in helping utilities provide their customers with the ability to take a deep dive into their consumption footprint […].”

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