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RETScreen World Conference
January 25, 2023

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40 minutes

One-on-One Interview: The Evolution of the RETScreen Software

  • Anthony Capkun, Editor-Publisher, Energy Manager Canada
  • Gregory J. Leng, Director, RETScreen International

In this session, Anthony Capkun, the Editor and Publisher of Energy Manager Canada will be conducting a one-on-one interview with Gregory J. Leng, the creator and Director of the RETScreen Clean Energy Management Software platform.

Anthony and Greg will discuss the origins of the RETScreen software, its’ continuous evolution over the past 25 years, and we will hear from Greg about his vision for the future of this world-leading software platform.

Anthony Capkun
Anthony Capkun is a business communicator, networker and bridge-builder with 20+ years of experience in traditional and new media platforms for business audiences, specifically those involved with electrical energy systems and applications, and proactive energy management. He is passionate about supporting STEM and skilled trades careers, and advocates for diversity, equity and inclusion. He serves as the editor-publisher of Electrical Business Magazine and Energy Manager Canada, both members of the Annex Business Media family.

Gregory J. Leng
Gregory J. Leng is the creator and Director of the RETScreen Clean Energy Management Software platform at Natural Resources Canada’s (NRCan) CanmetENERGY research centre in Varennes, Quebec. The platform enables low-carbon planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting. Greg is also a Fellow at the Payne Institute, Colorado School of Mines, in Golden, Colorado.

His career is focused on the clean energy market, technology and policy interface and he has been working in the renewable energy and energy efficiency fields since 1987. Prior to joining NRCan, he was based in Hyderabad, India as the India Country Manager (dLA Consultant) for the International Fund for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (IFREE).

Greg obtained a Master of Science degree from the University of Massachusetts Lowell in Energy Engineering (Solar Energy Engineering) and a Bachelor of Commerce degree (Marketing and International Business) from McGill University.

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