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Ameresco Geothermal signs supply agreement with Molinaro Group

TORONTO, ON — Ameresco Geothermal, a turn-key renewable energy provider, is partnering with Molinaro Group for the development of their new Strata Condominium project. This 21-storey, 277,000 square foot multi-residential high rise, located on Maple Drive near Lakeshore Rd. in Toronto, will receive a custom designed geothermal system, which will provide 100 per cent of the building's heating and cooling requirements.
"Strata is a beautiful example of what renewable energy can do for large-scale developments," says Suzanne Wiltshire, Vice President of Ameresco Geothermal. "When we hear 'geothermal,' we often think of single family homes, but today we can achieve the same energy saving results in large, multi-storey buildings. The renewable energy system we are designing will reduce Strata's energy consumption by more than 50 per cent of heating and cooling energy and eliminate its dependency on natural gas by providing 100 per cent of its heating and cooling requirements."
The 216 ton system will generate almost zero green house gases and save over 450,000 kg of CO2 emissions every year. Molinaro Group will be seeking LEED certification for this building, an effort towards which Ameresco Geothermal expects its system to contribute 8-10 points.

September 8, 2009  By Newswire

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