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Carlo Gavazzi’s Guardian motion/vision sensor for sliding pedestrian doors

The Guardian is the first sensor of its kind to utilize CMOS vision-based camera technology, which can detect both motion and presence, says Carlo Gavazzi. The presence zone (for safety, to prevent doors closing on persons or objects) is set through a simple teach process, and the time delay for holding the door open can be adjusted via potentiometer. The motion sensing zone can be shaped to fit the requirements of every door installation, to prevent nuisance tripping. The motion zone can operate in a bi-directional mode where any detected motion causes the door to open, or in a uni-directional smart mode, where the door will only open when people move towards the door; in this mode, people passing by the door will not cause the door to open. The Guardian will adapt to changes in the environment, including sunlight, shadows, snow, rain, leaves, and other objects. And with the blanking feature, stationary objects and even permanently placed moving objects (such as rotating signs) can be ignored.


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September 4, 2010  By  John Gilson

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