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Opto 22 OptoEMU sensor energy monitoring appliance

June 07, 2011 - Opto 22 has expanded the communications and integration capabilities of its OptoEMU Sensor energy monitoring appliance, adding Modbus/TCP and OPC industrial protocol support, Microsoft SQL Server and Access integration, and a new Microsoft .NET developer toolkit.

June 7, 2011  By  Anthony Capkun

Opto 22 says this makes it easier for facility/energy managers, and plant personnel to manage energy usage in their facilities using the hardware, interfaces, protocols, and databases they know and prefer. The OptoEMU Sensor energy monitoring appliance connects to utility meters, plant equipment and facility systems to gather real-time facility and equipment energy usage data.

With OPC connectivity, personnel can connect to—and visualize—their energy data using SCADA and HMI software packages like Wonderware’s InTouch, Intellution’s iFix, Iconic’s Genesis and other OPC-aware clients. IT departments can use Opto 22’s OptoDataLink software to post their energy data directly into Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, MySQL and other databases, which complements the sensor’s ability to deliver energy data to web-based applications like Google PowerMeter and Pulse Energy’s Pulse.



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