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CEI offers IBEX program for facility and plant managers

The Centennial Energy Institute (CEI), in collaboration with respected industry partners, is offering the Industrial and Buildings Energy eXpertise (IBEX) program. This self-paced, online energy-management training program is based on the UK Energy Institute’s Training in Energy Management Through Open Learning (TEMOL) program, which has been expanded to facility and industrial energy applications.


The CEI says personnel involved in facilities, purchasing, production and maintenance can acquire knowledge and skills in energy and water efficiency technologies, energy auditing and building a business case for energy management projects. The CEI added that they can also gain insights on accessing government assistance for retrofits.


The course is also ideal, says the CEI, for those with technical or building backgrounds who see energy management as the next step in their careers and are looking for a flexible learning tool that is tailored to the Canadian context.


“The cost of the program will likely pay for itself for any company investing in their employees,” said CEI Manager Robert Hellier. “As students become trained in these coveted energy management skills and apply them to an employer’s facilities, the savings in water and energy, combined with access to incentives and rebates will provide a rapid return on investment.”


Online materials are supplemented with in-person workshops at Centennial College. A field practice component also provides students the opportunity to lead a mentored audit of a facility (provided by the student’s employer or by other facility owners supporting the IBEX program) and produce recommendations specific to it. The 16 online modules, in-person workshops and supervised energy audits cost $3,000.


The IBEX program is partially funded by the Ontario Power Authority, with in-kind contributions from the following IBEX partners: the Canadian Institute for Energy Training, LeapFrog Energy Technologies Inc. and Sustainable Resources Management Inc.


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August 2, 2010  By  John Gilson

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