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Clean energy organization supports Ontario Long Term Energy Plan

Members of the clean and decentralized energy (DE) industry applauded the release of the Ontario Long Term Energy Plan this week.

"This plan is another huge step forward to a cleaner and more efficient power system," said Jan Buijk, Chair of WADE Canada and President of EPS Ltd. "This plan provides the market certainty and gives confidence to WADE Canada's members in the decentralized energy industry to continue to pursue clean energy projects.”

December 9, 2010  By  Craig Pearson

Buijk, an expert in gas engine technology for renewable energy projects, is impressed by the Government of Ontario’s acknowledgement that combined heat and power and renewable energy generation are important parts of Ontario’s power future. Renewable generation represents over 30% of the $87 billion commitment over the next 20 years, not including hydroelectric generation. This 30% investment into renewables will contribute to nearly 60% of the new generation, making it a very cost effective strategy, according to WADE Canada.  

“When this new power is generated close to the end user, it is even more efficient and it takes the pressure off the transmission system,” said Buijk. “WADE Canada members are excited at the prospect of finally having a combined heat and power standard offer program available.”

Decentralized energy, including combined heat and power, according to WADE Canada, is an essential component of the plan that is necessary to optimize clean and renewable energy generation. The organization adds that it also provides opportunities for energy independence to rural and remote areas.

WADE Canada says the economic development and the jobs created as a result of this plan are not only important for Ontario but the benefits will extend to the rest of the country. By creating a critical mass in “new-to-Canada” technology, costs of clean energy will become more affordable for all Canadians, says WADE Canada.  WADE Canada members are anticipating the ‘people investment’ necessary to modernize Ontario’s labour force to further boost to the industry. The organization says the development of new skills is required to support investments in these Ontario projects.


WADE Canada is a registered, national, non-profit industry association which supports growth and development of the decentralized energy industry. For more information, go to

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