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Energy Management Solutions for a Sustainable Energy Future

May 17, 2012 - The Region of Peel’s two-day Energy Matters Summit joins leaders from the field of energy management to support activities that shed the burden of growing energy costs on your bottom line. Each year, the summit explores key issues facing the public and private sector’s efforts to expand their sustainable energy management programs.

May 17, 2012  By  Anthony Capkun

Municipalities and provinces, universities, colleges, school boards and healthcare organizations come together to promote strategies that manage energy costs, control consumption and explore the leading tools and technologies available to shape policies on these matters.

Now entering its 8th iteration, this year’s theme is “Energy Management Solutions for a Sustainable Energy Future”.

The event hosts a combination of plenary sessions that examine how organizations can incorporate energy management into their everyday operations, technical workshops that present delegates with the leading energy efficient products and solutions, and a tradeshow that showcases industry’s leading technologies and innovative solutions.

Here are the workshop topics for the 2012 summit:


Integrated Community Energy Solutions (Session Chair, Brent Gilmour)

1. Integrated Community Energy Systems and Solutions (ICES) and Community Planning
2. Bio-Energy Opportunities
3. Inter-Seasonal Heating and Cooling
4. Building the Thermal Grid

Building Energy Efficiency (Session Chair, Ian Jarvis)

1. Performance Metrics, Standards and Conservation Potential
2. Using Real Data to Guide Energy Efficiency
3. The Impact of Government Policy on Energy Efficiency
4. Building Services Industry: Adapting to a New Reality

Smart Grid (Session Chair, Dr. Ian Rowlands)

1. Future Visioning of the Smart Grid
2. Mutual Benefits of Community Partnerships
3. Technology-Human Interfaces
4. When the Smart Grid Rubber Hits the Road (Pilot Projects)

Energy in Sustainability (Session Chairs, Ersilia Serafini and Julia Dalla Rosa)

1. Integrating Energy Into a Sustainability Plan
2. Developing Effective Partnerships and Valuable Collaborations
3. Integrating Energy and Sustainability into Organizational Culture
4. Carving a Renewable Energy Roadmap

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