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Data is the new oil… but only when refined using RETScreen – March 2024 (webinar)

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March 07, 2024
Toronto (online)

Any serious interest in smart grids, Green Button, proactive energy management, etc., starts with data that is properly collected and analyzed, leading to those long-sought “Ah ha!” moments.

The traditional extent of the utility’s responsibility was everything up to and including the meter, and anything beyond that demarcation was the customer’s responsibility. This relationship is changing as new partnerships centred on data evolve, bringing mutual benefits to the utility, customers, and service providers.

Attend this free utility data management workshop on March 7, 2024 (09:00 Eastern)—courtesy of NRCan RETScreen—where presenters take a close look at unlocking the value of utility data from three (3) perspectives:

Utility: Explore how raw interval data can unveil crucial insights for energy use. Learn how tools like RETScreen can reveal energy profiles, empowering utilities to better serve their customers and optimize their own operations.

Customer: Gain a deeper understanding of your facility’s performance and the reasons behind it. Dive into topics like base load analysis, and harness the power of RETScreen’s new features to decipher energy profiles, assess operational impacts, and track carbon emissions.

Service provider: Discover how third-party providers leverage RETScreen’s advanced features to support measurement and verification, ESG reporting, net-zero initiatives, and energy efficiency programs.

Presenters include: Stephen Dixon (KnowEnergy), Michel Parent (Technosim), and Amir Kamandlooie and Scott Rouse (Energy@Work).

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