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On-grid power projects that are on point – Feasibility and performance analysis with RETScreen Expert (webinar)

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February 28, 2024
Toronto (online)

Are you wondering how to determine whether a proposed renewable energy project makes sense, or whether an existing project is operating according to expectations?

Then join Michael Ross on February 28, 2024, from 3 pm to 4:30 pm (Eastern), to learn how RETScreen Expert software tackles these questions for on-grid solar and wind projects.

RETScreen Expert can rapidly provide a global picture of the key elements of a project’s feasibility (e.g. energy production, GHG emissions reductions, profitability). Using a hypothetical wind farm as the backdrop, Michael will show you how RETScreen is not only useful for quickly understanding and communicating the principal characteristics of a proposed project, but for revealing the impacts of changes in key inputs.

RETScreen Expert’s built-in “Virtual energy analyzer” provides templates for the feasibility analysis of many different technologies. With minimal input, you can select a reasonable starting point for your analysis, allowing you to focus on the inputs and outputs of most interest.

Variations in solar radiation levels complicate the interpretation of monitored data from operating on-grid photovoltaic projects, making it difficult to detect problems and assess performance deterioration. Michael will show you how RETScreen’s performance analysis removes the variability caused by changing solar radiation levels, revealing the true performance of the underlying system.

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