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Manitoba Hydro launches Power Smart Water & Energy Saver Program

July 17, 2018 — Manitoba Hydro recently launched its Power Smart Water & Energy Saver Program (WESP), which offers Manitobans free Water and Energy Saver Kits to help them save water and energy.

July 17, 2018  By  Ellen Cools

The kits can be self-installed or installed by a Manitoba Hydro Ecofitt technician. Each kit contains one to two low-flow showerheads, two low-flow bathroom faucet aerators, one low-flow kitchen faucet aerator, three metres of water heater pipe wrap insulation, plumber’s tape and a refrigerator/freezer thermometer.

According to Manitoba Hydro, up to 12% of Manitobans’ energy bill can be from heating water. Installing high-efficiency Power Smart low-flow plumbing devices can reduce water and energy consumption.

For example, an average shower uses 9.1L of water per minute; with the kit, Manitoba Hydro says that is cut to about 5.7L per minute. Additionally, installing an energy efficient showerhead can help save 20% of water used in a shower.

By using less hot water, the utility says Manitobans will save $30 on their energy bills and up to $30 on their water bill.


To find out more about how to qualify for a Power Smart Water and Energy Kit, click here.

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