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Moulded-case circuit breakers add ‘intelligence’

Real-time data can be tracked and analyzed.

September 5, 2019  By  Peter Saunders

Power Defense moulded-case circuit breakerPhoto by Eaton.

Eaton’s new Power Defense moulded-case circuit breakers embed energy metering, connectivity, protection and ‘intelligence’ in electrical system components for commercial and industrial (C&I) facilities, including data centres.

Designed to help customers enable uninterrupted operations, the circuit breakers offer power system visibility and predictive diagnostics. In facilities that require hundreds of these devices in low-voltage applications to protect connected devices from overloads and short circuits, their real-time data can be tracked and analyzed to prompt condition-based maintenance.

The breakers’ Power Xpert Release electronic trip units allow them to deliver information—including where and why a fault occurred—at a lower ampacity than previously possible and to do the same work that used to take multiple components.


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