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Napoleon NS18 heat pump and air handler series

January 17, 2022  By  Anthony Capkun

January 17, 2022 – Napoleon’s NS18 heat pump and air handler is an all-in-one heating and cooling system for year-round comfort, says the company.

The heat pump’s technology features a variable inverter compressor and vapour injection tech to heat a home in temperatures as low as -30 C, and cool it on days as hot as 54 C. It also operates on electricity.

The NS18 features a multi-speed, constant torque (CT) ECM blower motor and a fully insulated cabinet design with an integrated filter rack to facilitate tool-less door access. Whether installed vertically or horizontally, it requires zero clearance, meaning it can be installed in closets or alcoves.

The NS18 Series is compatible with any standard heat pump thermostats, smart thermostats or smart home systems working on 24V.

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