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New Ontario homes to consume 50% less energy in 2017

January 2, 2013 - The Ontario government is striving to increase energy efficiency, ensure public safety and contribute to the competitiveness of the building sector with its revised Building Code.

January 2, 2013  By  Alyssa Dalton

According to the government, all new houses constructed in 2017 will consume 50% less energy than homes built before 2006, and large buildings will only consume 65% of what they did before 2006.

Most of Ontario’s revised Building Code takes effect Jan. 1, 2014. It was last updated in 2006.

“The updated Building Code will keep Ontario at the forefront of building design, adopting new technologies along with higher energy and water conservation standards,” said Doug Tarry, past president, Ontario Home Builders’ Association. “This new code will require our provincial and municipal partners to continue to work with home builders and professional renovators to build safe, affordable and efficient homes.”

The revised code also aims to increase Ontario’s consistency with other codes across the country so businesses can sell their products and services nationwide, it explained.


“The Building Code helps to ensure our safety every day in our homes, workplaces, parking garages, retail stores, restaurants and theatres. We’re very proud of our record in improving the environmental integrity of Ontario’s buildings,” said Bob Chiarelli, minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

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