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Philips Ledalite BoldPlay combines daylight harvesting and clean aesthetics

April 10, 2013 - Philips Ledalite’s BoldPlay is a new portfolio of LED lighting systems that, says the company, is 44% more efficient and consumes 28% less energy than traditional technologies, like fluorescent. Delivering up to 106 lm/W, BoldPlay allows for row spacing at up to 20-ft apart while maintaining uniformity on the ceiling and workplane. The product’s LED light engine consists of a low-profile Light Guide Panel that helps extract and reflect light into a controlled direct/indirect distribution. It also integrates patented MesoOptics nanotechnology that promises to optimally blend light and colour while controlling high-angle glare. BoldPlay also features optional Response Daylight harvesting sensors that can reduce energy consumption up to another 35%.

April 10, 2013  By  Anthony Capkun

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