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Enbridge Gas awards first $100K incentive for home builders

April 10, 2013 - Enbridge Gas Distribution has awarded the first $100,000 incentive to an Ontario home builder participating in its Savings by Design program, which rewards qualifying builders that construct homes 25% better than the energy requirements in the 2012 Ontario Building Code.

April 10, 2013  By  Anthony Capkun

“We are thrilled by the enthusiasm and leadership shown in the home builder and developer community, and look forward to helping more companies build more energy-efficient homes,” said Shannon Bertuzzi, Enbridge’s manager of residential sales.

The program is the first of its kind in Canada, says the company, and was created by Enbridge with design support from Sustainable Buildings Canada and its network of building experts. The program uses the integrated design process and energy modelling to consider energy efficiency as part of the design stage.

“Thanks to this unique program for residential builders and developers, the people who purchase Savings by Design homes will have a head start on energy conservation,” said Mike Singleton, executive director of Sustainable Buildings Canada, which leads and facilitates the Savings by Design sessions for Enbridge.

A post-construction audit confirms 25% energy use reduction over the existing building code, and qualifying builders receive an incentive of $2000 per house, up to a maximum of $100,000. Zancor Homes was one of the builders and developers to participate in the integrated design sessions since the program was introduced last year, and is the first of those to complete a project—a development in King City.


“We were already building energy-efficient homes but, with the knowledge we gained from Enbridge’s Savings by Design program, we were able to take it to the next level,” said Fabrizio Cortellucci, president of Zancor Homes. “Ultimately, this program helps us deliver long-term cost savings and environmental benefits to our customers.”

The program is offered to qualifying home builders in the more than 100 Ontario communities Enbridge serves.

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