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PM8000 series meter enhancements help mitigate “adverse conditions”

March 14, 2018 –The PowerLogic PM8000 series meter from Schneider Electric now features improved cybersecurity, web page waveform data, expanded logging capability and DHCP for IPv6.

March 14, 2018  By  Ellen Cools

PowerLogic PM8000 meter

The PM8000 can log cybersecurity-related events such as successful and unsuccessful login attempts, configuration changes and resets.  Additionally, customizable web pages that show meter data will now display waveforms, and all three phases for voltage and current can be viewed in any combination.

Finally, with around 350MB of memory, each individual log is capable of logging up to 10MB, while DHCP for IPv6 provides a larger address space to critical power facilities.

The meters’ power quality analysis capabilities include EN 50160 compliance, sag/swell detection, waveform capture, disturbance direction detection, and more, which helps facility managers detect, mitigate and correct adverse conditions, says Schneider. Compatible with 20V to 60V low-voltage DC control power systems, the new meters will also continue monitoring when power fluctuates or shuts down.


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