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Powerfoil X by Big Ass Fans

The Powerfoil X features the NitroSeal Drive, a long-lasting, heavy-duty gearbox developed specifically for the load requirements of a Big Ass Fan. Precision HeliCamber gearing provides extremely low friction between gear teeth for reduced heat and nearly 50 per cent less backlash than a standard gearbox. The unique NitroSeal Drive is filled with nitrogen and hermetically sealed for life to ensure zero moisture, zero contamination and zero maintenance.  

The onboard fan controls reside in a weather-resistant enclosure and provide an innovative benefit over standard fan controls. The controls are pre-wired to the motor, eliminating special wiring and conduit requirements and significantly reducing installation costs. The lightweight, wall-mounted keypad connects to a standard junction box and allows floor-level control of multiple fans. The Powerfoil X also features the first-ever platform that allows integration of electronic devices such as VESDA smoke detection, lights, cameras and motion sensor systems.

March 13, 2009
March 13, 2009
By Energy Management