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PowerStream offers Peaksaver Plus program for residential and small business

May 31, 2012 - PowerStream announced today it will offer its residential and small business customers the installation of specialized energy management technology, completely free of charge, through its new Peaksaver Plus program, which is open to both existing Peaksaver customers and new ones.

May 31, 2012  By  Anthony Capkun

“The Peaksaver Plus program brings a new level of technology to our customers. The in-home energy display we are offering to the participants of the program will allow them to better understand their electricity use within their home. This provides more choices and improves consumer knowledge, which has proven to help customers conserve more energy and better manage their energy costs year round,” said John Sherin, director, conservation & demand management at PowerStream. “Having innovative tools like Peaksaver Plus is crucial for customers as they work to increase their conservation efforts and save money.”

New customers who enrol in Peaksaver Plus will receive an in-home energy display and a programmable thermostat. These devices, together valued at over $330, will be installed for eligible homeowners and small businesses free of charge. The in-home energy display will let customers see, in near-real time, how much electricity they are using in both kilowatts and cost. This will allow customers to take measures to conserve more energy and better manage their energy costs year-round.

As with the original Peaksaver program, the programmable thermostat that comes as part of the new program can be set using the internet, allowing customers to adjust their settings remotely. Customers currently enrolled in the original Peaksaver program can receive the in-home energy display by simply switching over to the new program.

The original Peaksaver program contributed to reducing Ontario’s peak demand by 117 MW in 2010, says PowerStream, representing 10% of total peak demand savings for this period.


By enrolling in Peaksaver Plus, participants agree to have their central air-conditioners, electric water heaters and/or swimming pool pumps cycled down when the demand for electricity in their community is high—generally on hot, humid days between May and September. Most participants won’t even notice a difference in temperature, comfort or convenience, insists PowerStream, since activations will only occur for a maximum of four hours at any one time, and never on weekends or statutory holidays.

To enrol in Peaksaver Plus, PowerStream customers can call (866) 323-0206 or go online to . The Peaksaver Plus program is part of a suite of initiatives under the saveONenergy banner offered by PowerStream and funded by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA).

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