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reed uses cloud technology to manage commercial water resources

The connected devices are compatible with leading plumbing valves, meters and sensors built for use in commercial properties. 

January 9, 2020  By Energy Manager Canada


Launched in January 2019, Toronto-based reed has developed an IoT cloud software solution for water management in commercial and multi-unit residential properties.

The technology-based solution is focused on simplifying leak detection, valve shut-off and water conservation in buildings. The solution connects to leading plumbing equipment brands and allows building owners/operators to monitor and control water in their buildings through an intuitive dashboard interface.

reed devices control valves, meters and sensors of many manufacturers. The simple dashboard allows users to operate valves in order to close risers, zones and units. The solution also provides real-time visibility into water usage, with automatic detection of abnormal usage and real-time alerts to protect building owner/operators from unusual or high water consumption and to allow accurate sub-metering of tenants for billing applications.

The use of smart sensor technologies allows reed to detect leaks via leakpads, flow meters and pressure sensors for early failure detection and rapid response and remediation.


reed provides custom solutions for:

  • main domestic supply monitoring
  • leak detection & early warning
  • riser control & balancing
  • PRV zone control shut-down
  • hydronic make-up water monitoring
  • irrigation management

Designed by a plumber with 20 years of experience, reed is an IoT solution for water damage and waste prevention in commercial properties.

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