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Ringdale’s CT Energy Monitor and Data Logger gives more insight

October 1, 2015 - Ringdale Inc. has presented its new CT Energy Monitor and Data Logger with Ethernet connectivity for single- or three-phase power systems. The solution allows energy and facility managers to monitor and detect a variety of power issues.

October 1, 2015  By  Renée Francoeur

The CT Energy Monitor and Data Logger measures root mean square (RMS) current and voltage. Managers remotely access the solution through their network to identify where energy is being wasted or to identify patterns of increased power use. Gathered information can be accessed in real time via a web application or stored onto a USB drive for later evaluation, Ringdale said.

The system is ideal for applications requiring accurate monitoring of energy usage for multiple locations, such as in high-rise buildings where energy use-per-tenant or per-floor is used for billing, Ringdale added. Besides keeping a record of energy use, the CT Energy Monitor and Data Logger can also send an alarm notification via email in the event of a high- or low-current event or other user-programmed criteria, such as low voltage, voltage surges, power outages, brownouts, or failures.

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