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Symcor case study: server virtualization drives savings

April 1, 2015 - Symcor, a business process outsourcing provider, says it saw more savings than it expected when it undertook server virtualization programs in two Toronto locations.

April 1, 2015  By Toronto Hydro

After reviewing server virtualization in 2010, Symcor kicked off the project in 2012. In scoping the project, Daniel Blazek, vice-president of technology services and infrastructure, was planning on reducing Symcor’s footprint and operations savings of $2 to $3 million over five years, along with energy savings.

Savings were greater than forecast: $282,063 in annual electricity savings, $2.94 million in cost savings since project inception, with forecasted operational savings of $7.94 million over five years.

Two key benefits of virtual servers – increased reliability, reduced costs

Symcor has 10 sites across Canada. At two Toronto locations, the company implemented a server virtualization program that reduced the number of physical servers from 1,087 to 645, while providing the capacity of about 3,000 virtual servers. This also created a reduction in network devices from 105 to 28.Through virtualization, Symcor said it sees cost savings across the board – on hardware, operations, maintenance, software licensing, and most importantly, energy consumption.


Reductions in equipment and air conditioning drive savings

Virtualization creates key areas for energy savings. Fewer servers means fewer devices to power. And since the new servers are built to run at warmer temperatures, air conditioning requirements have been lowered.

Frees up over 5,550 sq ft of floor space

This project reduced square footage requirements by over 57%, from 9,596 to 4,044, a savings of 5,552 sq ft that can be redeployed for other uses.

Project exceeded expectations

Blazek said he is very pleased with this initiative. Symcor handled the incentive application directly, working with David Elfstrom and Victor Da Rosa of Toronto Hydro.

“The application process was very smooth and we’re showing significant savings in all aspects of this project. Symcor will benefit from lower costs year after year. From an energy perspective, virtualization is also a very green initiative, taking full advantage of technology improvements,” said Blazek.

PHOTO 1: Daniel Blazek, vice-president of Symcor’s technology services and infrastructure.

PHOTO 2: From left to right: Paul Scherbak, VP, Operations, Item Processing Canada, Symcor; Tim Hocking, VP, Real Estate, Symcor; David Elfstrom, CDM Project Consultant, Toronto Hydro; Joe Bilé, Mgr., CDM Program Delivery & Business Development, Toronto Hydro; John Wall, SVP & CTO, Symcor; Daniel Blazek, VP TS Infrastructure, Symcor.

(Photos Toronto Hydro.)

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