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The air-conditioner celebrates 110 years

July 18, 2012 - Yesterday marked the 110th anniversary of the invention of modern air-conditioning by Dr. Willis H. Carrier, inventor and founder of Carrier. On July 17, 1902, Carrier—a young research engineer just a year out of Cornell University—finalized the design to stabilize the humidity in the air so the dimensions of the paper at the Sackett & Wilhelms Lithography and Printing Co. in Brooklyn, N.Y., would remain constant throughout the printing process.

July 18, 2012  By  Anthony Capkun

“In the early 1900s, air-conditioning was primarily an industrial application that enabled countless industries to thrive, with candy-making companies, textile mills and theatres some of the most enthusiastic early adopters,” said Geraud Darnis, president & CEO, UTC Climate, Controls & Security.

Carrier filed more than 80 patents over the course of his career. To celebrate the 110th milestone, the company launched dedicated to its rich history, and containing little-known vignettes about Willis Carrier’s life and work.

“At 25-years old, Willis Carrier’s foresight forever changed the world and paved the way for more than a century of once-impossible innovations,” Darnis said. “His genius created an entire industry essential to global productivity and personal comfort.”


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