Energy Manager

Upgrades help Hematite Manufacturing save almost $200,000 in electricity

December 1, 2016 - According to the Ontario government, Brantford-based Hematite Manufacturing has saved 1,903,496 kWh or approximately $194,439 per year in electricity consumption with energy-efficient upgrades.

December 1, 2016
By Renée Francoeur

Hematite manufactures recycled plastic products for managing acoustics, airflow and water deflection on vehicles. Since 2015, the company has completed a number of upgrades including installation of LED lighting, sensors and appliances, and accessed $200,000 in incentives to do this from the IESO’s saveONenergy for Business program.

The savings so far is equivalent to the electricity used by 200 homes in a year, Ontario adds.

Hematite is planning future initiatives such as replacing compressed air pumps, installing solar panels for onsite electricity generation and enhancing efficiencies on oven enclosures.