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UrWind to start small wind certification

The Small Wind Certification Council (SWCC) announced the first 13 wind turbine models having begun their certification. Of these, the UrWind O2 stands out as the first VAWT (vertical axis wind turbine).


According to UrWind, a Montreal-based manufacturing company, this certification process is expected to give greater credibility to the small wind industry and to be a driver of its growth. Local governments and utilities plan to use the SWCC certification to simplify the qualification process for permitting and incentives.


The SWCC is a third-party organization that certifies turbine models which meet the durability and safety requirements of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) standards. At the end of the process, the certification body will issue a report stating the model's rated annual energy production, rated power, rated sound level, and other pertinent technical information.


“We're excited to be the first VAWT manufacturing company with an application pending,” said Jean-Christophe Mortreux, UrWind CEO. “Since we have been getting great results from the UrWind O2, we are looking forward to gaining consumers trust with this industry recognized certification. The certification will standardize small wind testing, enabling consumers to compare a wide variety of small wind turbines on the market.


“The oil spill is a terrible catastrophe that reveals our obvious need to use available renewable energy,” Mortreux added. “And thanks to the SWCC certification, the industry will gain mainstream acceptance. This will pave the way to making wind energy, your clean alternative for your own backyard.”


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June 29, 2010  By  John Gilson

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