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LumenHaus project wins Solar Decathlon Europe 2010

In France, LumenHaus project—designed and built by Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University—was awarded first prize in Solar Decathlon Europe 2010, a competition that demonstrates clean energy technology research and development. The project was sponsored by Schneider Electric.


The LumenHaus team reached the highest total points after ten contests that evaluated: architecture; engineering and construction; solar systems and hot water; energy balance; comfort conditions; appliances and functionality; communication and social awareness; industrialization and market viability; innovation and sustainability. Schneider Electric designed and built the coupling system to connect LumenHaus, based on American standard (110V, 60Hz), to the European grid (220V, 50Hz). The solution works with two inverters, one at 50 Hz and the other one at 60 Hz, with a half-way battery of 48 Vdc, which allows both systems to work at the same time.


“We want to congratulate the students that have designed LumenHaus,” said Enrique Valer, country president, Spain, Portugal and South America, Schneider Electric. “They have done a brilliant work. Universities are really committed with energy efficiency, and during these days we have been able to see just a glimpse of the wonderful job they are doing. By sponsoring these projects, Schneider Electric is able to share broad-based knowledge and resources, as well as its passion with a new generation of energy enthusiasts.”


“Thanks to Schneider Electric for giving us the possibility to connect our house to the grid and make it possible for us to compete in this contest, just because we know this transformation was something hard to do and Schneider Electric made it possible,” said Joseph Wheeler, director of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University project.


LumenHaus is inspired by the Farnsworth House by Mies Van Der Rohe. The house offers open configuration, which connects the house’s inhabitants to the outdoors. From its construction to its transportation, Schneider Electric says the house employs responsive architecture and other similarly advanced technological features.


Schneider Electric participated in 8 of the 17 projects for the first edition of Solar Decathlon Europe. Each of the 8 projects integrates Schneider Electric solutions including power metering, building management, lighting controls, programmable logic controllers, electrical distribution equipment and solar inverters.


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July 2, 2010  By  John Gilson

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