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Venmar’s new VIRTUO smart air exchanger

October 1, 2020  By Energy Manager Canada


Quebec-based, Venmar Ventilation has launched its VIRTUO smart air exchanger which delivers improved air quality by filtering pollutants that are difficult to capture, such as bacteria, viruses, allergens, mold, and smoke. And the technology’s advanced ventilation features optimize the device’s operation at all levels, significantly reducing energy consumption.

“We worked four years and invested $3 million in research and development to design this revolutionary new device,” said Patrick Beloin, product manager of Venmar Ventilation, in a company release.

The units in the Venmar AVS N Series and the vänEE AI Series  offer improved performance and the quickest installation in their category, ranking well above standard heat recovery ventilators (HRV) or energy recovery ventilators (ERV). The units are more compact and more flexible than others on the market.

“The new VIRTUO technology replaces four product platforms. In short, we have transformed our classic line of air exchangers into one platform that combines the top performing components in a single universal housing,” explains Beloin.


The three main benefits include:

  1. Quick setup, which saves up to 20 minutes per unit. The technology’s smart built-in assistant does the balancing itself, eliminating a complex part of the installation process.
  2. Consistent results. Thanks to a proven algorithm, auto balancing sets a reliable initial configuration in all dwelling types. The smart system makes decisions quickly based on a series of internal and external factors, such as temperature and humidity. With real-time detection, the system generates quick adjustments and automatically optimizes air quality to save energy 24/7.
  3. Easy to operate. With advanced touchscreen controls, all the settings are streamlined. They can be programmed based on lifestyle, schedule or ventilation preferences.

The units come with high-quality ECM motors, and the ultra-compact units reach and maintain a performance of up to 160 CFM (cubic feet per minute) under all pressure conditions.

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