Energy Manager

Healthcare Market Capacity Building
February 23, 2024 at 12:00pm

January 24, 2024
By RETScreen

RETScreen® is a clean energy management software system developed by the Government of Canada. It is a comprehensive tool designed to help individuals, businesses, and organizations, such as hospitals and long-term care homes, make informed decisions about renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

RETScreen’s Virtual Energy Analyzer feature allows for the rapid and accurate estimation of the energy production and savings potential for any location while employing a five-star benchmark ranking system and without requiring a site visit.

Energy and Facility managers, Environmental Sustainability Coordinators, Directors of Capital Projects and others are invited to attend this webinar organized by the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care to discover what RETScreen is all about, gain exposure to The Virtual Energy Analyzer and learn how RETScreen can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions at health care facilities.

Speaker: Stephen Dixon and Adam Dixon

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