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WEG ACW Series molded-case circuit breakers

The ACW Series is designed to disconnect power and to provide circuit protection for low voltage distribution systems against overloads and/or short circuits. Now available, with UL489 certification, the ACW Series can be ordered in one of four different compact frames. Standard selection factors include: voltage and frequency rating, interrupting rating, continuous current rating, and accessories. The ACW Series is also available in two levels of short-circuit interrupting capacity: “P” for standard industrial and commercial applications and “W” for high-performance applications. WEG Electric Corp. says common plug-in accessories simplify field installation and minimize inventory variations on distributors’ shelves. Additionally, cascading protection offers an economical approach, says the company, by facilitating the use of downstream, low-cost, low-fault level breakers to offer savings in both the cost and size of equipment.


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October 28, 2010  By  John Gilson

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