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AMPCO supports Ontario energy conservation proposal

The Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario (AMPCO) says it has been pressing for the electricity policy reforms, announced today by the McGuinty Government, in order to improve Ontario's competitiveness and create jobs.


Once implemented, AMPCO believes the plan will make an immediate and significant contribution to business conditions, favouring investment and job creation by providing incentives for large industries to reduce demand for electricity during critical peak times.


“This plan will make Ontario a more competitive place to do business, creating investment and jobs during this fragile economic recovery,” said Adam White, President of AMPCO. “Our members employ 50,000 people in the province’s key manufacturing and resource industries. In today’s competitive global market, Ontario’s manufacturers need a policy framework that rewards investment in energy efficiency and conservation. The announcement today will help Ontario companies attract investment and save and create jobs in the province.”


Both the government and AMPCO say the policy also has environmental benefits. Jim Lopez, President and CEO of Tembec, a forests products company, fully supports the initiative.


This program will result in energy, environmental and economic benefits—a great combination,” said Lopez. “By encouraging a shift away from peak demand periods, both the need for and use of peaking plants will be lessened, resulting in a reduced reliance on fossil-fuelled facilities. With an industrial time-of-use framework available, the average cost of power—a critical cost element for many industries—will be lower. This will result in improved competitiveness and greater potential for job security. This initiative comes at a critical time for the Ontario economy generally and the Northern Ontario economy in particular.”


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August 18, 2010  By  John Gilson

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