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Badger Meter Ultrasonic Thermal Energy Meter Approved for use in Canada

The UHC100 ultrasonic meter measures heating/cooling energy in accordance with new industry standard.

July 8, 2020  By Energy Manager Canada


Badger Meter, a global manufacturer of flow measurement, control and communications solutions, has announced that its Dynasonics UHC100 ultrasonic thermal energy meter is one of the first instruments to receive the new Canada Weights and Measures approval for use in liquid heating and cooling applications in Canada.

Serving as a thermal energy metering system, the UHC100 meter calculates energy quantity (gigajoules, kilo or megawatt hours) by measuring the amount of liquid flowing through the flow sensor in a given timeframe, and the liquid temperature at the supply and return flow positions of the system, to obtain the temperature difference.

The new certification will enable Badger Meter to meet the needs of Canadian end users seeking an effective solution for measuring heating and cooling energy as part of building automation and tenant sub-metering applications.

The UHC100 meter can be used with heating/cooling water solutions in centrally heated or cooled spaces such as residential houses or buildings.


The device offers:

  • No moving parts to wear out or drift over time
  • No straight run requirements
  • High accuracy
  • Wide range of measurement
  • Ease of mounting in any installation position

With a pulse output for use with nominal flows of 0.6…10 m³/hour, end fitting options include ½-, ¾-, 1- and 1-½-in. NPT for ASME/ANSI pipes.

The meter’s readings are stored in internal memory and monthly values are viewable on the display.

The UHC100 meter is delivered in user-configuration mode with the flexibility to configure meter parameters such as units, pulse outputs, and other features.

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