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Johnson Controls launches 27.5-50-ton smart rooftop units

March 4, 2020  By Kavita Sabharwal-Chomiuk

Johnson Controls recently launched a new series of 27.5-50-ton commercial rooftop units designed with easy-to-use smart controls. Select rooftop units from the company feature a prepackaged Smart Equipment controls platform with a full array of user-adaptable parameters, and the units integrate seamlessly with the Verasys building controls system.

Select rooftop units are offered with the Johnson Controls Premier platform to provide a complete offering in this tonnage range. Some rooftop units exceed the Department of Energy (DOE) 2023 energy efficiency standards by up to 22 per cent while surpassing current DOE 2018 levels by up to 39 per cent. They also offer up to 31 per cent greater part-load efficiency (IEER) than competitive models and up to 15 per cent greater IEER than the Millennium legacy product. Later in 2020, Johnson Controls is set to introduce the four-stage IntelliSpeed models to bring “higher efficiencies, with energy costs reduced to industry-leading levels.”

“Recognizing the market need for a value-based solution within this tonnage range, we designed the Johnson Controls Select rooftop units to deliver greater efficiency, extended equipment life and reduced operating costs,” said Matthew Schaub, vice president and general manager, Commercial Ducted Systems, Johnson Controls. “We’ve designed this platform with smart controls to provide building managers with unprecedented insight into building operations and maximum control over system performance.”

Units feature the latest advances in modeling technology to help pre-emptively identify issues, while an optional Mobile Access Portal offers remote diagnostic monitoring for fewer trips to the job site. In addition, single-side access to all serviceable items provides ease of service that is further simplified with accessible connections, service ports, coil cleaning hatches, hinged access panels, convenience outlets, service disconnect switches and optional service valves.


Additional features include:

  • Multiple airflow strategies, including two-stage constant-volume, two-stage with IntelliSpeed™ fan control, four-stage variable-air-volume and four-stage with IntelliSpeed™ fan control (available later this year).
  • A broad range of heat options, including staged and modulating gas heat (available later this year), stainless steel heat exchangers and electric heat (available later this year).
  • Easier-to-use controls that include a start-up and commissioning wizard to simplify the installation process.
  • Competitive replacement opportunity with the same footprint as the majority of similar tonnage-range units in the field – minimizing the need for costly, leak-prone transition curbs.

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