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Call for Proposals – Green Industrial Facilities and Manufacturing Program

June 12, 2023  By  Anthony Capkun

June 12, 2023 – NRCan’s Office of Energy Efficiency reports Natural Resources Canada has launched the Green Industrial Facilities and Manufacturing Program. GIFMP’s Industrial Facility track is now open to receive proposals.

The program aims to to provide cost-shared financial assistance in support of the implementation of energy efficiency and energy management solutions.

Eligible projects/recipients under the Industrial Facility track (Track 2) are intended for industrial facilities that are engaged in energy-consuming processes that involve the physical or chemical transformation of materials or substances into new products, regardless of the size of the facilities.

The maximum amount of NRCan funding that can be requested under Track 2 is $10 million.

Eligible activities under this track include energy efficiency measures in five distinct areas:

• Training for energy management practitioners
• Energy assessments and audits
• Energy managers
• Energy management systems
• Capital investments

To support implementation of the activities above, eligible costs can include:

• salaries and benefits of employees of the eligible recipient
• professional services
• license fees, data purchases, certification costs, regulatory compliance and inspection costs, construction insurance, and permits

More details on eligible costs are included in the application package, available upon request from

Ineligible costs include: costs incurred prior to signing an agreement, and after March 31, 2027; new construction; investments pertaining to building envelopes and fleet vehicles.

The Industrial Facility track is accepting proposals until July 31, 2023. For guidance, email NRCan at

NRCan will conduct a preliminary assessment to confirm completeness and eligibility of the proposal and alignment with program goals, objectives and guiding principles, including Canada’s climate targets. Applications will then be evaluated using a set of merit-based criteria, including the extent to which the proposal addresses assessment criteria such as:

• awareness and uptake of industrial energy efficiency and energy management
• outcomes and benefits
• risks and mitigation

NRCan will make funding decisions that take into consideration the assessment results, the risk level of the project, and other factors such as: regional distribution of funding; distribution of funding across industry sub-sectors, organizations, and eligible activities; and distribution and availability of funding.

For those who are not ready to submit a formal proposal within the intake period, consider providing an expression of interest to

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