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Canada earns first CSA B55.1 DWHR ratings with RenewAbility Energy’s Power-Pipe

May 24, 2013 - RenewAbility Energy Inc. says it is the first Canadian company to achieve CSA B55.1 & CSA B55.2 certifications for efficiency and performance, thanks to its Power-Pipe Drain Water Heat Recovery (DWHR) systems—which claims to lower home energy costs by up to 10%, by reducing home water heating 20% to 35%.

May 24, 2013  By  Alyssa Dalton

CSA B55.1 is a new performance standard for the certification of DWHR systems for efficiency and pressure loss, while CSA B55.2 is a safety standard that must be complied with during the manufacturing process, explained Joel Murray, technical support manager with RenewAbility Energy.

“Along with becoming part of Building Code in France, the UK and more recently in Ontario, Canada, the CSA certification is another major milestone that clearly shows that Drain Water Heat Recovery is a technology with proven energy and money saving benefits,” added Murray.

The certification means the manufacturer can now label over 25 Power-Pipe models with both CSA B55.1 and CSA B55.2.

“Having the Power-Pipe labeled according to these CSA standards tells potential customers and users that a product has been evaluated by a formal process involving examination, testing, and follow-up inspection, and that it complies with applicable standards for safety and performance,” said Jonathan Cook, operations manager at RenewAbility Energy.


Founded in 2000, RenewAbility Energy’s corporate and manufacturing offices are based in Kitchener, Ont.

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