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CFB Kingston awards $86.8-MIL energy performance contract to Johnson Controls

October 20, 2021  By  Anthony Capkun

October 20, 2021 – Johnson Controls was awarded an energy performance contract at Canadian Forces Base Kingston valued at $86 million.

Enabled through a collaboration with the Department of National Defence, the project will combine infrastructure investments and a community awareness campaign “to advance the base’s energy resiliency strategy”.

Johnson Controls has assessed CFB Kingston’s energy systems and equipment and, based on its findings, will oversee infrastructure and energy efficiency improvements. The base-wide project is expected to reduce the base’s GHG emissions by 33% “while enhancing soldier welfare and occupant comfort”.

The company will install solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, distributed energy storage and digital technology to optimize performance during Ontario’s peak electricity times. The project is expected to deliver up to $1.2 million in utility rebates and incentives. Additional energy-efficient infrastructure improvements include:


• Controls optimization and recommissioning to enhance digitized energy-efficient building infrastructure.

• Converting base lighting to LED technology to improve lighting levels and energy efficiency.

• Correcting water distribution leaks and improving digital water metering to reduce water wastage and help prevent future leaks. Also, upgrade water fixtures to use water more efficiently.

• Replacing HVAC systems and removing CFC-emitting refrigerants.

• Optimizing the central steam plant and upgrading central heating and distribution systems to reduce natural gas consumption.

• Upgrading building envelope and window replacements to enable deep retrofits for long-term energy-efficient buildings.

Complementing these infrastructure improvements will be an awareness program promoting sustainability initiatives and calls to action at the base and in the surrounding community. The program will raise awareness of CFB Kingston’s energy efficiency program and help educate base personnel about energy-saving best practices.

“The need for making net zero leadership easier to achieve and the demand for net zero carbon solutions are greater than ever,” said Nate Manning. “Johnson Controls is proud to partner with CFB Kingston to transform its operations and create long-term energy resiliency.”

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