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Dyson launches Airblade 9kJ hand dryer

October 18, 2019  By  Megan Hoegler

The Dyson Airblade 9kJ hand dryer saves time, money and energy usage.

Dyson launched the Airblade 9kJ hand dryer in Toronto yesterday, following launches in New York City and London.

The Airblade 9kJ is the latest in the brand’s series of Airblade hand dryers, which were first launched in 2006. It is Dyson’s quietest hand dryer to date. A curved blade motor dries hands in 10 seconds and uses up to 86 per cent less energy than standard warm air hand dryers.

The system features two modes; Max, designed for washrooms with high foot traffic to optimize speed and Eco, for washrooms with less foot traffic that want to optimize energy consumption and noise reduction.

Other features include touch-free operation that detects hands in 0.25 seconds, a fleece-lined glass HEPA filter which captures bacteria and viruses from the washroom air, purifies it, then uses the clean air to dry hands. A stainless steel outer body is built to withstand real-life washroom conditions.


The 9kJ’s straight-line design creates a simpler airflow path through the machine, reducing noise and energy consumption. Silencers made from open-cell foam and perforated discs also reduce noise as airflow passes through the motor.

The Dyson 9kJ is priced at $1,499. It costs approximately $19.00 per year to run in Eco mode.

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